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What is Amber?

Amber is a fossilized resin from coniferous trees that has taken millions of years to form. The Baltic source tree that produced amber is called pinites succinifer, similar to a pine or a spruce. These ancient amber forests were sub-tropical in nature. Amber from this region contains succinic acid and therefore is sometimes referred to as succinite, making it the highest quality amber in the world. The average age of Baltic amber is around 40 million years old but can be as old as 65 million years. Read a bit of amber history...

As resin oozed from trees, bubbles, plant matter and various insects could become trapped within, preserved over millions of years. These types of inclusions add to the beauty of amber you see today.

What Colors does Amber come in?

Colors most commonly associated with Baltic amber are cognac, honey, green, yellow, cream, and ivory. The latter colors tend to be the oldest amber. However, up to 256 different shades and colors have been catalogued to date. Amber can be transparent or opaque. And because it's an organic substance, it is lightweight and warm to the touch. No two pieces are alike. The movie Jurassic Park renewed a popular interest in amber and its insect inclusions. Amber's golden glow and warmth is certainly a part of its natural attraction. One could say it's akin to petrified light.

See our Amber Color Chart for descriptions and color variations.

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